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Energy & Environmental Management Groups in the South West

Energy & Environmental Management Groups (EEMGs) promote energy efficiency and good environmental practice in industry, commerce and the public sector. They are independent bodies that provide forums for the development and exchange of ideas, technologies and techniques and professional training for the benefit of the members.

The first Energy Management Group to be established in the UK was the Avon & Somerset Energy Management Group formed in 1976. Energy Management Groups in the South West became "Energy & Environmental Management Groups" during 1995/6 to reflect the wider interests of their members. South West EEMG membership in four EEMGs now totals over 1,100 members who are kept informed by GO-SW of seminars, conferences and new Government initiatives.

Members are sent a letter of invitation by their Group before each event. Most events are preceded by lunch. NOTE. Individual members wishing to attend a meeting arranged by one of' the other SW EEMGS should contact the relevant Chairman or Secretary.



The four EEMG’s in the South West are Avon & Somerset group, Cotswold group, Devon & Cornwall group and the Wessex group.

If you or your Organisation are interested in becoming a member or would like more information, you are invited to contact:

Further details including a programme of events is available on the Our South West Web Site.

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